What freelancer need to know before posting portfolio online

28 04 2013

 Is freelancer’s portfolio anyhow different from a portfolio of a regular job
seeker? Let us see here is what freelance gurus form Elance Blog recommend for
freelancer in order to present portfolio online.

If you’re a freelancer and want to make sure your Portfolio is optimized for client searches, here are some words of wisdom from the sages of search:

• Be sure to upload your latest and greatest samples to your Portfolio.

• Edit all samples (new and old), giving each a unique tag, description and title (remember, these are the search terms clients will be searching for).

• In your description, describe your role in the project as well … be specific about what part of the project you worked on how you tackled the assignment.

• Review samples to make sure they look great (we’ve automatically created thumbnails, but you can use the simple editing tool to adjust as needed).

We think that everything what is listed above is relevant to any portfolio. So these tips are very useful to any art/design job seeker when posting portfolio online

source:”Introducing Portfolio Samples Search … Explore Away!” Hire Freelancers and Find Freelance Jobs Instantly. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Apr. 2013.


how to draw pleated skirt in Adobe Illustrator

3 12 2011

summary of steps
1. Create a graphic element of a single pleated, repeat it for a few a few times to create a structure of a pleated fabric. Duplicate it as necessary.
2. Group all elements together.
3. Apply *arc lower*effect ( Effect//Arc//Arc Lower).
4. Tune arc lower effect’s setting using *vertical* and *bend* sliders. Adjust as needed using selection tool.
5. Apply expand appearance ( Object//Expand Appearance)

fashion computer flats pleated skirt

Create a graphic element of a single pleat,repeat it for a few a few times to create a structure of a pleated fabric.Duplicate it as necessary.

fashion computer flats pleated skirt

Group all elements together.

fashion computer flats pleated skirt

Apply *arc lower* effect (Effect//Arc//Arc Lower).

fashion computer flats pleated skirt

Tune arc lower effect settings using *vertical* and *bend* sliders.

fashion computer flats pleated skirt

Apply expand appearance ( Object//Expand Appearance)

fashion computer flats pleated skirt

textile design concept by Bri Sharpe

8 06 2010

This is a photo-generated textile collection, inspired by micro chips

Textile Design Concept by Bri Sharpe

Micro Chic Collection


This is a Contemporary collection of separates for juniors. 

Collection consists of 

  • shorts,
  • jackets,
  • dresses,
  • halters,
  • pants,
  •  tunics. 

This collection focuses on the principle of line, which is manipulated with seaming.

fashion illustration by 8 year old fashion illsutrator Addi Harrison

26 03 2010

Hi! My name is Addi Harrison and I am in the third grade. I have loved art ever since I was a little kid. I have been drawing in notepads and doodle books since I was three. My mom has been teaching me how to use croquis and I love it. Soon she will teach me to sew too! One day I would like to become an artist and an art teacher. For right now I am hoping to go to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. I really appreciate my mom for putting me on the right track and always encouraging me.” – Addi Harrison

“It’s great to see kids find a passion for something they love to do so early on. I’m happy that I’m able to share in both my kids’ love of art.” – Ayme Harrison

Addi Harrison FAshion Illustrator 8 years old

Fashion Illustration in Progress

Click on the images to see Adiie’s illustration enlarged
Addi Harrison Fashion Illustration 8 yrs old

Addi Harrison Fashion Illustration 8 yrs old

Addi Harrison Fashion Illustrator Age 8

Fashion Illustration in the works

10 social networking tools for fashion professionals.

26 01 2010

Web2.0 toolbox for fashion professionals: 10 social networking tools which could be effectively used for professional networking in fashion industry.

Social networking became a fact of life and it offers a huge potential for professional networking.

The topic of this post is selection of the best way to use social networking site by a fashion professional for self promotion.

This posting is not an overview of social networking and blogging sites in general, there are plenty of such very comprehensive and thorough overviews on the web today and there is no need for another “dissertation” on the topic.

It is, however, a common sense overview of online social networking tools for fashion professionals whose social networking experience and web experience overall could range from nonexistent to some use of social networks as a personal hobby.

Thus the focus is: services applicable for

  • “real people”, not Internet geeks who ” know everything”.
  • fashion professionals who want to promote themselves on the web in order to get a job, expand customer base or just advance or expand personal/fashion brand.

read about 10 social networking tools for fashion professionals.

Fashion portfolio: brand it!

25 11 2009

The rule number one for effective fashion portfolio: brand it!

Branding is essential for fashion industry. And there is a reason for this. Brand is a way to identify and differentiate them. Not branded means generic. Do you want to be treated as a “me too” fashion professional? Hopefully not. The only way to not be treated as a generic entity is to establish, articulate and promote your personal brand via clearly and robustly branded portfolio.

Digital textile design by Narishdath Maraj

Digital textile design portfolio by Narishdath Maraj

This is an example of well branded portfolio ( textile design) by Narishdath Maraj (AIFL) selected for posting at art design fashion.com portfolio gallery

Four reasons to keep fashion portfolio concise.

9 11 2009

Portfolio is a summary of your professional achievements: be selective, concise and to the point. Do not include entire body of artwork.

Think of portfolio as a visual resume.

Same as your biography is not a resume, all your projects together are not a portfolio, even if perfectly organized.

Would you consider it as appropriate to send your full life story to a potential employer instead of your resume? Hopefully not. Similarly, it does not make any sense to throw the cumulative weight of all your projects at others instead of making a relevant and meaningful selection.

Selection” is the key word for portfolio. No selection: no portfolio, plain and simple. Portfolio is a creative, visual resume. It has to be concise, compressed and to the point.

Here four reasons why you should not include more than it is necessary in your portfolio:

a)      concise portfolio is a sign of your ability to focus: by selecting your best you demonstrate your ability to think analytically and be focused on a goal. Your ability to be focused on the main aspects of a project is crucial for your professional success.

b)      concise portfolio is a sign that you understand what your portfolio is for: By keeping your portfolio focused and concise you demonstrate understanding professional goals of people who review your portfolio. They are not going to evaluate you as an artist or as a person. They are making their decision to offer you a job (a project, a commission) or not. You are helping them by keeping your portfolio concise. You are making their job more difficult by overwhelming them with unedited and not condensed gathering of projects.

c)      concise portfolio is a sign of professional respect to a reviewer: Focused, concise and well organized portfolio is a sign of respect to those who are looking at your portfolio. You demonstrate your understating that they are busy people and have no time to dig through all your artwork. By keeping your portfolio concise you are showing that you value time of people who decide to see your portfolio.

d)     concise portfolio is a sign of your realism: Reality is that probably nobody will ever go through your portfolio in a thorough manner, page by page, project by project. It is very possible that your portfolio will be scanned at glance instead of being thoroughly reviewed. Therefore the more concise your portfolio is the more chances that you will succeed with making your case in the limited amount time. By compressing your portfolio you show your sense of realism and professional humbleness. Your ambitions should be reflected in quality of your work not in quantity.

Fashion design portfolio by Natalia Pelicotti

Fashion design portfolio by Natalia Pelicotti..Concise and to the point.